By Michelle L. Martin McDulin

I am transformed and my spirit is redeemed by art and nature.
artwork is a reflection of my experiences inspired by the transcending
peace and epiphanies found in communion with nature and creation.
believe when we disconnect, we reflect, discover and become mindful
and grateful. I am energized by exploring, learning, creating and
eager to share my discoveries. When we make a personal connection
with the beauty of nature's intricacies, and power, and truly admire it,
we feel the need to protect it.

Since the dawn of man, we have been creating art to share our
innermost thoughts and feelings which cannot be expressed by words
alone. My art reflects the passions of my heart, soul and mind.  I hope
my art inspires you to find calm and peace away from the buzz of our
techno life and it encourages you to engage in your own creative
process of discovery. I am intrigued by the process of creating art,
the conscious and subconscious mind, perceptions of time and our
senses. I try to stay focused on the epiphanies discovered while in
rhythm with nature and the creative process itself. I create art to try to
capture these moments. I hope my art inspires you to open your mind
and engages you in your own creative path of discovery.

My art style is an accumulation of my formal education in Art and Art
History and is influenced by experiences in nature and current trends
in our culture. My art shows influences from Constable and Turner,
the Impressionists and Post Impressionists, O'keeffe, Frankenthaler,
Carr, Butterfield, and by my mentors Ron Porter and William