Michelle began seriously painting in college in 1986 at Ohio University in Athens,
Ohio and was mentored by Dr. William Kortlander and Mr. Ron Porter.  She
studied in England in 1990 were she  was able to study first hand the
masterpieces of the European artists. After studying in England, Michelle traveled
through Europe and continued to investigate artwork in galleries and museums.
Following her graduation from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in
Painting in 1990, she then completed her Masters of Art degree at Miami
University and began teaching art.  

As an art educator, she encourages and supports her students to become
engaged in the artistic, creative process and encourages cultural and artistic
awareness.  Culture and art are so intertwined in our society and Michelle
believes that it is imperative to nurture creativity and art appreciation.

Over the past 30 years Michelle has sold and been commissioned to paint murals
and paintings, both privately and publicly.  Michelle does commissioned paintings
as well as her own creative art.  Michelle has had two solo
shows and shows at
the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City and a show at the Infusion
Gallery in Los Angeles, California and artwork in several National Juried shows.

Michelle creates "plen aire" painted sketches, pencil and oil pastel sketches and
uses photographs as references when creating her canvas paintings.  Her
artwork is influenced by nature, her life's experiences, her formal art training, her
understanding of
art history and the evolution of art, and by her mentor
experiences.  Michelle calls her art nature based, abstract pieces "Mind Scapes".
Her style is a fusion of the Romantic Landscapes artist's subject and ideas, the
Impressionist's study of light, the Fauve's use of arbitrary color, the
Expressionists emotion and passion, and the Surrealists concept of tapping into
the unconscious mind and spontaneity while creating.

Michelle encourages the viewers of her art to become engaged in their own
creative process while viewing her art.  She wants people to search for their own
meanings and understandings of the art based on their own sociocultural
experience.  Michelle's artwork uses the elements of art and the principles of
design to create "Mind Scapes".  These spaces are uniquely understood and
elude to transitional compositions of time and existence.  Michelle hopes that her
artwork encourages people to think in depth about their own experiences and